Watch List Weekly Recap 9/16/22

The hottest movies in Toronto, plus a farewell to a revolutionary director.

Watch List Weekly Recap 9/16/22

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From September 8th through 14th I was at the Toronto International Film Festival — the first in-person TIFF in three years — getting a look at some of the films that will dominate the discussion as we head into awards season. I saw 23 movies in six days (including “Women Talking,” above) and wrote up my reactions mid-way through —

Toronto 2022: Mid-Festival Report
You know what I’ve missed? The sound of a packed theater enjoying – really being picked up and spun around by – a movie. The public screenings at an event like the Toronto International Film Festival are one of the best places to have that experience: The audience is already pumped to see something for the first time, and when the movie actually deliver…

— and as I was leaving town. Lots to talk about, including some very fine films and performances and one stinker.

Toronto Report, Part II
The most interesting movies on offer at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival – sometimes the best – have revolved around the agonies and ecstasies of family. “The Fabelmans” (in theaters November 23, *** stars out of ****) has been one of the hot ticket items due to the enduring bond audiences have with Steven Spielberg and on the anticipatio…

One of the greatest moviemakers in the medium’s history passed away this week. I tried to convey how much Jean-Luc Godard meant (and still means) to cinema and to a young man opening his eyes to the vastness of what movies could do.

Jean-Luc Godard 1930-2022
The world feels a little emptier, more monochrome, when you lose a member of your personal pantheon. By “personal,” I mean a cultural figure who altered my own inner landscape and arguably my destiny; who taught me how to see in different colors and in more dimensions than I’d known were there. Jean-luc Godard, wh…

I’m pretty shot after all that movie-bingeing in Toronto, so today’s post was just a  heads-up about new movies in theaters and on demand, plus a photo of my dog. Have a good weekend!

What To Watch (Not) 9/16/22
There are some interesting movies out there this weekend. In theaters we have the already controversial Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde” (it comes to Netflix at the end of the month); the lysergic David Bowie documentary “Moonage Daydream” (suitable for IMAX); a hair-raising suspense drama called

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