Watch List Weekly Recap 5/13/22

Good new movies, great old rock albums, and a remembrance of a man and his generation.

Watch List Weekly Recap 5/13/22

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Last Sunday’s post was a personal one, not about movies or music but life and its passing — a meditation on a generation of parents slipping into memory and a valedictory to a  kind and complicated man.

The Light Bestowed
The grown-ups of my childhood are dying. I’m in my mid 60s, which means my generational cohort is also in its mid 60s, which means our parents are in their late 80s and 90s and sliding into history. The towering figures of our childhoods are smaller than us now, slumped into wheelchairs or behind walkers, faded, then fading, then gone. One …

Thursday saw the 50th anniversary of the release of “Exile On Main Street,” prompting some thoughts on The Rolling Stones, white boys singing the blues, and playing the music you love until it’s finally no longer a pose. “It’s such an anti-concept album that it becomes a concept album by default: The concept is the riff, the groove, the pocket.”

"Exile on Main Street" Turns 50
Fifty years ago tomorrow, the Rolling Stones released the double album “Exile on Main Street.” It was the best thing they ever did. It was also unlike anything else they ever did, before or after, and to this day it confuses some Stones fans and first-time listeners. Honestly, the first time

For Friday, four possibilities for weekend movie viewing: One new release in theaters, one new premiere on Netflix, and two favorites from recent years on Amazon Prime and HBO Max. (That’s Park Chan-wook’s delirious “The Handmaiden” above.)

Four Weekend Movie Ideas
The Nut Graf: “The Automat” (in theaters, *** stars out of ****) is an affectionate history of a 20th century culinary institution. Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen star in “Operation Mincemeat” (on Netflix, *** stars out of ****), the true WWII tale of a man who never was.

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