Watch List Weekly Recap 4/8/22

The Grammys, the music of our memories, J.M.W. Turner, and LOTS of viewing recommendations.

Watch List Weekly Recap 4/8/22

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A Monday morning quarterbacking of Sunday night’s Grammy Awards — or: How to do an awards show right — and some final final thoughts on the Oscar slap.

Not Your Grammy's Grammys
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Wednesday I had a lot on my mind: The music of our childhoods and the disappearance of physical media, an incredible new HBO Max stand-up special, and a museum show that made me revisit a favorite movie.

What Was Your First Album?

In the Friday round-up, a crafty spy thriller on Amazon Prime, a documentary about a cow, and — something new — movie recommendations for all the major streaming platforms.

What to Watch This Weekend: "All The Old Knives"
The Nut Graf: “All The Old Knives” (in theaters and on Amazon Prime, *** stars out of ****) is a solid spy drama with fine performances. Director Andrea Arnold viewslife through the eyes of a British dairy cow in “Cow” (in theaters and available for rental, *** stars out of ****). Plus: Recommendations for all major streaming platforms.

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