Watch List Weekly Recap 2/3/23

Farewell to a cult rock deity and a look at Peacock's "Poker Face."

Watch List Weekly Recap 2/3/23

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Tom Verlaine died last week, a protean guitarist and New York rocker whose influence far outmeasured his record sales. If you’d heard of him at all, you knew he occupied a unique and very special place in the music’s history, and he sounded like no one else. There is no school of Tom; there was just him. A fan’s appreciation:

Tom Verlaine 1949-2023
To this week’s new subscribers: I usually write about movies and streaming options but occasionally about other cultural pursuits, including music. It’s a quiet week on the new film release front, I’m a little burned out after the Sundance Film Festival, and one of my heroes just died. So you’re hearing about him today. Later this week: A review of TV’s…

If you’re looking for a light-hearted throwback to 1970s mystery-of-the-week shows like “Columbo” and “McMillan & Wife,” Rian Johnson’s “Poker Face,” on Peacock, should warm your frozen TV-dinner heart. Plus, drive-by reviews of “80 for Brady” and “Skinamarink.”

What To Watch: "Poker Face"
Maybe it’s the pandemic and maybe it’s streaming video – the totality of our lifetime of TV habits, available at the press of a finger – but I know a lot of people these days who watch old “Columbo” episodes as comfort food. A film critic of my acquaintance has copped to a ritual end-of-week cool down with Peter Falk’s sham…

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