Watch List Weekly Recap 11/4/22

This week: A documentary to inspire hopeful voters, a new chat widget for subscribers, and your critic wrestling with a problematic new film.

Watch List Weekly Recap 11/4/22

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If you want to put a little fire in your belly before next Tuesday’s vote — or want to light a fire in someone else’s belly — I recommend “No Time To Fail” (⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 1/2), a fly-on-the-wall documentary valentine to elections workers and the increasing pressures they face from a delusional and potentially dangerous segment of the public. It’s not in theaters, but you can find information on public and virtual screenings at the film’s website.

Ballot Fatigue: "No Time To Fail"
As the country and the culture stagger up to the midterm elections on November 8, it’s good for us all – and, honestly, necessary – to pause to appreciate an unsung hero of our democracy: The election worker. “No Time To Fail” (⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 1/2) is a new documentary, currently making the rounds of

A chat option has just been added to the Substack iOS phone app, and the Watch List board is live as of Thursday. The first question posed to my subscribers: Was there a movie that made you realize the medium wasn’t just entertainment but an actual art form? For me, it was “The Last Picture Show” in 1971 — how about you? Folks are contributing some pretty great reminiscences in the thread. Feel free to contribute.

Join the Watch List chat!
Announcing a new addition to Ty Burr's Watch List: The Watch List subscriber chat! This is a conversation space in the Substack app that I’ve set up exclusively for subscribers — kind of like a group chat or live hangout. I’ll post short prompts, thoughts, and updates that come my way, and you can jump into the discussion. Some threads will be accessible…

The Reagan era coming-of-age story “Armageddon Time” (⭐ 1/2) is a filmmaker’s earnest attempt to come to terms with the moral failures of his culture and his younger self, but in this case those who remember the past seem doomed to repeat it. Many critics admire the film, and I probe my contrarian take in the Friday new movie roundup. Also reviewed: “Causeway” (⭐ ⭐ ⭐) and an early take on the second season of HBO’s “The White Lotus” (⭐ ⭐ ⭐).

Armageddon Outta Here
It’s been a while since I’ve disliked a movie as intensely as “Armageddon Time” (⭐ 1/2, in theaters), and since I appear to be in a fairly vocal minority, with many friends and respected colleagues praising the film, the imposter-syndrome guy who lives inside me (as he/she lives inside us all) has mand…

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