Join the Watch List chat!

A private space for movie lovers to converse and connect

Join the Watch List chat!

Announcing a new addition to Ty Burr's Watch List: The Watch List subscriber chat!

This is a conversation space in the Substack app that I’ve set up exclusively for subscribers — kind of like a group chat or live hangout. I’ll post short prompts, thoughts, and updates that come my way, and you can jump into the discussion. Some threads will be accessible to paying subscribers only, while selected chats will go out to the whole Watch List pod. If you’d haven’t become a paid subscriber yet and you’d like to, you can sign up here:

Either way, you’ll need to download the Substack app to join our chat (messages are sent via the app, not email). Turn on push notifications so you don’t miss a chance to join conversation as it happens.

How to get started

  1. Download the app by clicking this link or the button below. Chat is only on iOS for now, but chat is coming to the Android app soon.
  1. Open the app and tap the Chat icon. It looks like two bubbles in the bottom bar, and you’ll see a row for my chat inside.
  1. That’s it! Jump into my thread to say hi, and if you have any issues, check out Substack’s FAQ. And thank you!

I’ve already started my first chat thread so come on over and say hello!