Weekly Watch List Recap 10/8/21

Weekly Watch List Recap 10/8/21

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On Monday: Two versions of “The Guilty” — the 2018 Danish original and the 2021 Netflix remake with Jake Gyllenhaal (above) — are both available for streaming, and they say everything about the differences between European and American audience expectations.

"Guilty" Complex

On the Tuesday Thread, paying subscribers got to dredge up mortifying memories of the movies they watched with their parents that they really shouldn’t have. The winner is probably the guy who went to see “Last Tango in Paris” with his grandmother because they thought it was a dance movie.

Today’s newsletter is a two-fer: A recommendation to check out Haile Gerima’s “Sankofa” (1993, above), a newly restored classic of Black American cinema on Netflix, of all places, and a sigh of relief that Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie (in theaters only) is a highlight of the entire series.

What to Watch This Weekend 10/8/21
The Nut Graff: The 1993 classic “Sankofa” (****) brings Haile Gerima’s uncompromising vision to VOD; “No Time to Die” (***1/2) is the last Daniel Craig James Bond movie and — surprise — one of the best.

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