Weekly Watch List Recap 10/15/21

Weekly Watch List Recap 10/15/21

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Last Saturday’s newsletter mulled over the final moments of the final episode of “Ted Lasso,” season 2 and whether a show that seems to love all its characters was finally asking us to hate one of them.

Nate Shelley -- Villain or Basket Case?
Spoilers to Friday’s final episode of “Ted Lasso” are contained herein. The great surprise of “Ted Lasso” when it premiered on Apple TV+ in August 2020 was that it was a show about kindness, forgiveness, and the pleasures of nice at a time when that was sorely needed. Suitably beloved and showered with Emmys, Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and compan…

The Tuesday discussion thread (paid subscribers only) was on the one cultural time period readers would live in if they could live anywhere but here. (Downtown Manhattan in the 1960s for me, but convincing arguments were advanced for early silent Hollywood, “La Dolce Vita”-era Rome, and Paris during the French New Wave.

Wednesday saw a recommendation for “I’m Your Man,” a droll and thoughtful German comedy about whether androids would make for better boyfriends. It’s newly available for streaming rental.

Interface Romance
The Nut Graff: From Germany, an android-human romantic comedy that’s thoughtful, funny, haunting — and expertly played. ***/****

For the weekend, there’s Todd Haynes’ wonderful, overstuffed music documentary “The Velvet Underground,” new on Apple TV+ after a successful festival run, and “The Last Duel” (above), a knights-and-castles epic with a coolly enraged eye toward a woman’s lot in medieval France, in theaters.

What to Watch This Weekend 10/15/21
The Nut Graff: Todd Haynes’ music doc is a loaded gift for Velvet Underground fans (***1/2 out of ****); “The Last Duel” is a moral swashbuckler with meaty performances. (*** out of ****)

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