Weekly Watch List Recap 10/1/21

From old movies to new and in between, the week's posts

Weekly Watch List Recap 10/1/21

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Monday was a day for musing on the 1961 Natalie Wood classic “Splendor in the Grass” and its under-sung status as a female “Rebel Without a Cause.”

Who are these guys? They’re Sparks. Who are Sparks? Watch Edgar Wright’s delightful documentary about the “best British band to ever come from America” and find out. On Wednesday I parsed the movie for paying subscribers.

Pick Rental: "The Sparks Brothers"

On Thursday, there was a fun discussion thread in which subscribers ranked their Top 5 Coen brothers movies and I got flak for including “Hail, Caesar!” in mine. (My #1 is “A Serious Man,” above.)

And for today, a review of “The Many Saints of Newark,” the “Sopranos” prequel that’s both in theaters and on HBO Max. The guy on the left who looks a lot like a young James Gandolfini? That’s his son, Michael.

Family Guise
The Nut Graff: “The Many Saints of Newark” (in theaters and on HBO Max) is pretty much everything you might hope for from a “Sopranos” prequel. You could even say there’s a family resemblance. ******************************