Watch List Weekly Recap 9/9/22

A classic movie to DVR and new movies on the horizon at TIFF

Watch List Weekly Recap 9/9/22

An odd week, one spent mostly getting ready for the Toronto International Film Festival, which began yesterday — in person for the first time in two years — and where I am now ensconced, four movies already under my belt and the fifth coming up in a bit. I’ll file my reactions in two or three festival reports over the next five days, but for now I’ll just say that the opening night film, “The Swimmers,” a true story about two Syrian refugee sisters heading for the Olympics, will probably wreck you when it comes to Netflix on November 23.

There’s still time to set your DVR (or TiVo, or just your alarm clock) for “The Crowd” (1928) on Turner Classics at 6 a.m. Monday the 12th. It’s not available on DVD or VOD, so this is your chance to see one of the greatest of all silent movies and a still relevant text on anonymity and fame.

DVR Alert: "The Crowd"
If you have DVR capability and access to the Turner Classic Movies channel, set up a recording for Monday September 12 at 6 a.m., because one of the all-time greats is showing, and it’s not on DVD or available for streaming. (In fact, I don’t think it was ever on VHS.) It’s King Vidor’s 1928 drama

Thursday I posted my baker’s dozen of Toronto must-sees, of interest to you only because they’ll be coming to theaters or streaming platforms in the weeks ahead and will likely be the topic of end-of-year awards buzz. I’ve already crossed two off the list, one (“Broker”) just about as good as I’d hoped, and one (“Corsage,” above) a curious disappointment. Stay tuned for further details.

13 Movies to See in Toronto
I’ve been too busy getting my pre-festival ducks neatly lined up to post much this week, but readers should look forward in the coming days to reviews and impressions from the 2022 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival (September 8 through 18). One of the signal starting guns of the fall movie season, it’s a place to gorge on feature films …

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