Watch List Weekly Recap 9/23/22

Controversies onscreen (“Blonde”) and off (“Don’t Worry Darling”), plus new films in theaters and on demand.

Watch List Weekly Recap 9/23/22

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“Blonde” arrives in theaters today and on Netflix next week on wings of hype and outrage. It’s not your typical movie-star biopic; in fact, it seems designed to infuriate those who most love Marilyn Monroe. Perverse, okay — but is it any good?

The Monroe Doctrine
Which Marilyn do you prefer? The smiling temptress, skirt billowing up in the subway breeze? The doe-eyed innocent, unaware of all the cartoon klaxon horns she sets off in 1950s men? Maybe the serious actress, unfairly mocked for her Stanislavskian pretensions, or the sex symbol terrified to act in front of a camera. The silk-screened icon, the gifted c…

For Friday, a round-up of new movies in theaters and on demand, including “Don’t Worry Darling,” a thriller that has been more notable for the gossip offscreen than the movie onscreen.

What to Watch, Outside or In
Is anybody else watching “Bad Sisters” on Apple TV+? My wife and I are up to Episode 4 of this dandy dark comedy-drama about four Irish sisters deciding to do something about the fifth sister’s horrible, horrible husband (Claes Bang, who gives great odious). Sharon Horgan, the banshee of “Catastrophe,” stars and produces, and for added incentive, there’…

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