Watch List Weekly Recap 9/2/22

A classic-movie birthday boy gets his due and a round-up of the last films of summer before the fall serious season begins.

Watch List Weekly Recap 9/2/22

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You may only know Fred MacMurray as the befuddled dad on “My Three Sons,” but there was a lot more to the man — more than “Double Indemnity,” even. It’s his 114th birthday this week, so maybe it’s good he’s not around to see it.

Right, Said Fred
Happy Fred MacMurray Day! The actor was born 114 years ago on August 30, 1908, and it’s a minor tragedy that 99 percent of my generation know him only as Steve Douglas, the pipe-smoking patriarch of “My Three Sons,” which ran on CBS from the end of the Eisenhower era to the beginning of the Me Decade. On that show and in his run of genially toothless Di…

I’m gearing up for the Toronto International Film Festival next week — how many of the 260 feature films on tap can I see in six days? — but before then, some reviews of new movies in theaters (like “Honk For Jesus, Save Your Soul”) and on demand (like “Blind Ambition,” a documentary about a team of Zimbabwean competitive wine tasters).

What to Watch: September Songs
Labor Day weekend is the last gasp of summer and the last gasp of the summer movie schedule before the awards-season heavy hitters get rolled out at the “big four” fall festivals, which are finally returning as in-person events after two years of COVID-enforced digital screenings. The

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