Watch List Weekly Recap 8/19/22

Watch List Weekly Recap 8/19/22

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Due to family matters (see below), I’ve not had many chances for movie watching recently, and this week’s posts reflect that. I did make time Monday for some thoughts on Anne Heche (above right), an actress who left a distinctive imprint on the films she made and whose gift was often overlooked in the attention paid her by the tabloids.

Anne Heche 1969-2022
Anne Heche was a unique presence onscreen: Vivid, mercurial, thoughtful, tough. She was one of those performers with the knack of seeming to discover the moment precisely as it was happening, as if there were no script and her dialogue and emotions were a tightrope she was blindly feeling her way across in real …

Requiem for a Buddha
Those of you who follow me on social media may know that my wife and I have been dealing with a family health crisis in recent weeks: Her father, my father-in-law, went voluntarily into hospice care early this month and passed away last Sunday. He was 91, in full possession of his faculties but in deteriorating health, and he got to spend a final week w…

As for new movies in theaters or on demand, well, it’s late August and the pickings are traditionally slim. I look at “Spin Me Round” (with Alison Brie, above), a tricky romantic comedy premiering on VOD and point you to “Leave Her To Heaven,” a little-known but surprisingly influential suspense classic on the Criterion Channel.

Weekend Watch, Dog Days Edition
Apologies for a week of gloomy posting – two appreciations for the recently departed, one famous, one personal – and while I have had my hands full with family matters, this is still technically a movie recommendation newsletter, and I need to keep up my end of the bargain. That said, late August is perhaps the slowest release period of the year: The on…

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