Watch List Weekly Recap 7/8/22

This week: Two streaming crowd pleasers, a farewell to a tough guy, and some thoughts on celebrating Independence Day in an undependable era.

Watch List Weekly Recap 7/8/22

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A review of “Jerry and Marge Go Large” or: How I Spent My July 4th Weekend.

Jerry and Marge Go to the Revolution
It’s the 5th of July, 2022, the day after Independence Day and the day after the 309th mass shooting in America this year. I don’t know how you felt about this country yesterday, before or after you heard the news of what happened in Highland Park, Illinois. To be honest, I found it hard to look at flags all…

James Caan is gone at 82, leaving behind a catchphrase (bada bing), a stellar 1970s run, and performances that are more thoughtful — and often more tender — than you may remember.

James Caan 1940-2022
Jimmy Caan has left the toll bridge at 82. He had a great run as these things go, starting with an acting apprenticeship in the dying days of the studio era, playing for old lions like Howard Hawks (“Red Line 7000,” 1965; “El Dorado,” 1967) and and young troublemakers like Robert Altman (

In “The Phantom of the Open,” the great Mark Rylance sinks his choppers into the role of Maurice Flitcroft, a British shipyard worker who briefly held the title of the world’s worst golfer. Plus a few Netflix recommendations if you’re stuck for something to do this weekend.

What to Watch: "The Phantom of the Open"
The Nut Graf: “The Phantom of the Open” (in theaters and on premium VOD, **1/2 out of ****) stars Mark Rylance as a British duffer who crashed the upper-crust gates of golf in the 1970s. Great good fun, but in the end, it’s par for the course. Plus: Five good movie bets on Netflix (and one so bad it’s good).

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