Watch List Weekly Recap 7/7/23

A farewell to a mensch, a podcast on a modern classic, and six movies to choose from for weekend viewing.

Watch List Weekly Recap 7/7/23

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Remembrances ⭐️

One Good Film: "Little Murders" (1971)/R.I.P. Alan Arkin

Ty Burr • Jul 3, 2023

In that steady basilisk gaze – one that held no illusions whatsoever – and in a voice informed by a knowledge of the cosmic jest was a serene acceptance of disaster. Arkin was the opposite of the naïve professor played by Michael Stuhlbarg in the Coen brothers’ “A Serious Man.” He knew the tornado was at the door.

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Ty Burr's Watchcast

Classics of the New Millennium: "No Country For Old Men" (2007) with Isaac Feldberg

Ty Burr, Isaac Feldberg • Jul 6, 2023

Listen now (54 min) | When was the last time you watched “No Country for Old Men” (⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐)? I saw it twice in 2007, the year it came out, and then two weeks ago while preparing for this podcast, and the intervening 15 years had cast a pall of dust on the experience of the movie that a revisit dispelled in a blast of bleak Texas wind. Is this the Coen brothers’ greatest two …

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Good Movies 📽

What To Watch: Six Streaming Picks

Ty Burr • Jul 7, 2023

The doldrum days of summer have arrived, and with little of note in theaters, here are six titles, old and new -- the newest is the smart, soulful animated feature "Nimona" on Netflix -- that are streaming on the various VOD platforms.

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