Watch List Weekly Recap 7/29/22

A New Hollywood legend passes away, an actor-turned-director debuts his first film, and recommendations for what to watch in theaters and on streaming services.

Watch List Weekly Recap 7/29/22

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On Monday, I wrote some words of appreciation for director Bob Rafelson, seen above with Jack Nicholson, who he launched to stardom and who remained a friend to the end. Rafelson died last week, and he’s responsible for more items in your cultural memory bank than you may realize.

Bob Rafelson 1933-2022
For much of this year, starting in January, I exchanged emails with Bob Rafelson about an interview for our shared alma mater’s alumni magazine; the legendary film director was cantankerous, generous, hilarious, but we never seemed to get around to the actual interview. Rafelson, 89, had long absented himself …

I don’t usually do interviews in the Watch List, but “Office” co-star B.J. Novak’s from my home town, he has a new movie out — his first as director — and he’s good, dry, witty fun to talk to.

"Vengeance" Is His
B.J. Novak is in his early 40s now, but he still has the wry, flexible certainty of a smart kid itching to take on the world. He has one of those faces that pop up in the culture like a Whac-A-Mole. Where have you seen this guy before? Ah, right, “The Office” (2005-2013), on which he wrote, produced, and…

For New Release Friday, a Hulu premiere (“Not Okay,” above), plus best bets for weekend viewing in theaters and on the streaming services.

What to Watch, Last-Ditch July Edition
What can you say when the most intensely moving film of the week is the viral video of Joni Mitchell performing at the Newport Folk Festival?

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