Watch List Weekly Recap 7/22/22

The Watch List celebrates its first anniversary, a look back at a legendary Hollywood couple, and a roundup of new releases.

Watch List Weekly Recap 7/22/22

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Watch List Year 1: Thank You!
A year ago this week, I did something brave and quite possibly insane – I quit my job and started a newsletter. Ty Burr’s Watch List was the product of a number of factors: a need to stretch my legs after two decades of sitting in the same chair at The Boston Globe; a dissatisfaction with the ways traditional media was failing to respond to the streamin…

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“‘The Last Movie Stars’ is necessary viewing not just to rekindle our fondness for one star, or both, or the era in which they lived and worked, but also to tear down the wall of myth with which we surround our idols. Everyone here does so with love.”

Scenes from a Hollywood Marriage
The cliché about Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman was that she was the Great Actress and he was the Great Star. And to a certain extent, “The Last Movie Stars” (**** stars out of ****) Ethan Hawke’s wonderful, addictive six-part documentary about the couple, bears that out. (All six episodes…

Four good bets for weekend watching and one ten-ton turkey to dodge.

What to Watch: "Nope" (Yup.) "The Gray Man" (Nope.)
A quick roundup of new films in theaters and on demand this weekend (not counting Ethan Hawkes’ splendid HBO Max documentary series about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, which I wrote about yesterday).

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