Watch List Weekly Recap 7/15/22

A classic Surrealist romance, perfection in pop music, and a new Jane Austen adaption getting *dragged* by critics are among the topics this week.

Watch List Weekly Recap 7/15/22

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We like to go spelunking into the past on the Watch List. This week’s classic movie recommendation is the otherworldly 1935 romance “Peter Ibbetson,” a film that seems to have been made in a dream state and that was — no surprise — a favorite of the French Surrealists.

Classic of the Week: "Peter Ibbetson"

The midweek post was a rumination on that Great White Whale, the perfect pop song. I have a playlist and I bet you do, too, and we’d all like to hear what’s on it.

What Makes a Perfect Pop Song?
Is it the words or the music? The arranging of the notes or the arrangement of the instruments? Can a perfect song be objectively determined, or does it depend on the listener’s emotional response? In other words, does a perfect song belong to everybody – or to no one but you? And which ones are

For New Release Friday: “Persuasion” on Netflix, and “Where the Crawdads Sing” (above) and “Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song” in theaters. Your best weekend entertainment bet may be the brutal reviews for “Persuasion.”

What to Watch This Weekend -- or Not
A weak week for new releases, with a tepid best-seller adaptation, a slightly bipolar rock documentary, and a Jane Austen movie that’s getting savaged by the critics. Maybe go hiking instead.

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