Watch List Weekly Recap 6/9/23

French Westerns, Facebook nerds, film classics for feckless teens, and a fiery two-character drama in theaters.

Watch List Weekly Recap 6/9/23

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A gently weird neo-Western with a tremendous four-cornered cast to start the week.

Good Movies 📽

One Good Film: "The Sisters Brothers" (2018)

Ty Burr • Jun 6, 2023

A regular feature for paid Watch List subscribers: I suggest one reasonably under-the-radar movie from the recent or distant past, and you do what you want with that information. The Sisters Brothers (⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 1/2, streaming on Prime, for rent at Amazon, YouTube, and elsewhere

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A new Watchcast and one of my favorites to date: Odie Henderson, The Boston Globe’s new film critic, brings his background as an IT guy to illuminate “The Social Network,” David Fincher’s 2010 Facebook drama and a movie that’s even scarier than when it came out.

Ty Burr's Watchcast

Classics of the New Millennium: "The Social Network" with Odie Henderson

Ty Burr • Jun 7, 2023

Listen now (54 min) | It’s strange to realize that David Fincher’s “The Social Network” (⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐) came out in 2010 — it seems like it was just yesterday and it also seems like two centuries ago. Thirteen years on, and after a decade-plus of social and political upheavals that can in part be traced directly to Facebook, this first warning about where our social media was taki…

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On a whim Thursday, I posed a chat prompt: Which five classic movies would you show a teenager to hook them, and hook them good? 100+ replies and counting — feel free to dive in.

Rear Window Movie Review | Common Sense Media

The Friday What to Watch wanders all over the place, from a 1987 line-up of Hollywood stars, to a three-star two-actor hothouse drama to Sir Ben Kingsley as Salvador Dali to a career retrospective of the greatest director who ever lived. (Says me.) Should be something for everyone here.

Good Movies 📽

What to Watch: Kink's Ransom

Ty Burr • Jun 9, 2023

Happy Indictment Day to all those who celebrate. This week has been a lot — good and bad, but a lot — and I sometimes think we use nostalgia as an escape hatch from the present into a temporary safe room of the past. So let’s start this post off with some 36-year-old whiplash — a kind of “Hollywood Squares” squared. An old photo resurfaced on Facebook th…

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