Watch List Weekly Recap 6/10/22

Funny Girls, dynamic duos, and a long overdue reckoning.

Watch List Weekly Recap 6/10/22

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I know, I’m supposed to be on vacation this week. And I am, I am! It’s just that I’d already pre-loaded this podcast about “Funny Girl” with my good friend and fellow critic, Washington Post editor Janice Page —

Hello, Gawgeous
Listen now (46 min) | One of the things I miss about working at the Boston Globe is shooting the movie breeze with Janice Page, one-time Living Arts editor at the paper, current arts editor at the Washington Post, and herself a long-established film critic. But we stay in touch, and a while back she called me to vent about the new production of

And then I caught up with this astonishing Indian movie on Netflix that you really owe it to yourself to check out —

Bolly High
The Nut Graf: Coming to you straight outta India, “RRR” (available on Netflix, ***1/2 stars out of ****) may be the most exhilarating three hours you’ll spend staring googly-eyed at a screen this year.

Photograph: Win McNamee/Getty Images

And then the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol released their findings in two hour of galvanizing television, and the way I chew over my thoughts and feelings in times of civic crisis is to write about  them, and maybe this will resonate with where you’re at right now. Or not.

The Turning of the Tide
The vacation house we’re staying at for most of June overlooks a vast tidal inlet off Cape Cod Bay. Every day, twice a day, this natural bathtub fills up and empties out with seawater, up to the very brim of the estuary and then down to the mud and shells. It’s like the ocean itself is breathing, as if the Earth had lungs. It fills up. It empties out. I…

In any event, I promise to take vacation more seriously next week. I hope.

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