Watch List Weekly Recap 5/6/22

Subjects this week include: Late-period Hepburn (Audrey, not Katharine), a wrenching new drama on a very relevant subject, and ten ideas for movies to watch with Mom.

Watch List Weekly Recap 5/6/22

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Audrey Hepburn would have turned 92 this past Wednesday, and I took time to honor the occasion with a look at her later filmography, with four must-see movies and precious few missteps.

Audrey, the Later Years
I’m not gonna lie, the news out of Washington, D.C., this morning has me questioning the frivolity of sending out a post about classic movie stars when the SCOTUS is preparing to send us all back to the era in which classic movie stars lived. But the piece was written yesterday and I’ll go ahead and post it as a reminder that grace can exist on earth an…

In theaters this week (and available for streaming in June), Audrey Diwan’s “Happening” is a nail-biter about a young woman desperately seeking an illegal abortion in 1963 France. For obvious reasons, it couldn’t be more timely.

What to Watch: "Happening"
The Nut Graf: Audrey Diwan’s coolly furious “Happening” (in theaters May 6; on VOD June 21, ***1/2 stars out of ****) depicts an anti-abortion past that echoes disturbingly into the future.

For Mother’s Day, why not watch a movie with mom, or just to remember her? Here are five films about mothers doing their best by their kids — and five where they come close to doing their worst.

Mom's the Word
Sunday is Mother’s Day, a greeting-card holiday that’s also an occasion to consider and celebrate the person with whom you had the first and most foundational relationship of your life. Do you have a favorite movie about a mother? Or, to switch it around, do you see your own mother in a movie? It’s okay, it can be “Mommie Dearest” if you want – we proce…

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