Watch List Weekly Recap 4/7/23

Featuring a spring thaw, a deep dive into film scoring, and the first great movie of 2023.

Watch List Weekly Recap 4/7/23

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Tuesday was a good day if you’re of the persuasion that this country has some clambering back from the brink to do, and I unburdened myself of some lingering concerns and took a walk in the woods. Warning: No movie content in this one.

Notes on a Change of Season
Note to readers: I usually write about movies and popular culture but occasionally about other things that move me, as is the case here. Feel free to share it if you’d like.

One of the best WatchCasts yet: Film composer Mason Daring (“Eight Men Out,” “Music of the Heart,” lots more) and I discuss what makes a good soundtrack great and why James Newton Howard’s music for “Michael Clayton” qualifies. I learned a ton about the art of film scoring here, and so will you.

Classics of the New Millennium: "Michael Clayton" with Mason Daring
Listen now (55 min) | Up to now, this podcast series has featured my fellow movie critics — colleagues in the trenches of the good, the bad, and “Cats” — but I’ve been wanting to get a filmmaker in here, and with Mason Daring, I have my chance. (There will be others, I promise.) Mason is a subscriber to the Watch List and an active participant in the comments sections, and o…

The first bona fide crowd-pleaser of 2023 has arrived (and about time, too).

What to Watch: "Air" Apparent
Normally when a critic urges readers to see a movie in theaters rather than wait for it to come to video on demand, it’s because of the visual scope or special effects – the wow factor. With “Air” (⭐⭐⭐1/2), it’s the performances that are the show, a gallery of talented, charismatic actors at the top of their games, cl…

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