Watch List Weekly Recap 4/1/22

Dissecting a deranged Oscars; Two new Netflix films, one great and the other one... not.

Watch List Weekly Recap 4/1/22

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A two-post week; The Oscars wore me out more than usual this year. Monday morning saw me parse the events of a singularly strange — all right, bad — Academy Awards, with not a lot about The Slap because everyone else was shouting themselves hoarse about it. Anyway, there were plenty of other things to say about a movie awards show that doesn’t seem to like movies very much.

Oscars 2022: Your Hit Parade
It’s 9 a.m. and everyone on social media is having a thermonuclear Monday morning meltdown about The Thing That Happened at the Oscars last night. Events like this are always fascinating from a cultural studies point of view, flash mobs of people compelled to quantify their stances o…

I like movies, on the other hand, and so do you, or you wouldn’t be here. And so does Richard Linklater, whose thoroughly charming new film on Netflix, “Apollo 10 1/2” (below) is a nostalgic bearhug for anyone who was a kid in 1969. By contrast, Judd Apatow’s “The Bubble,” also on Netflix, is like a forced stay with your least favorite relatives. Plus: Three excellent oldies on Turner Classics to tide you over to Monday.

What to Watch This Weekend: "Apollo 10 1/2"
The Nut Graf: Richard Linklater recreates an animated 1960s childhood in the charming, nostalgic “Apollo 10 1/2” (on Netflix, *** stars out of ****); “The Bubble” (on Netflix, * 1/2 stars out of ****) is a torturous quarantine comedy.

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