Watch List Weekly Recap 3/3/23

Last-chance February titles, a new podcast episode celebrates a great heist flick, and one of 2022's best films finally comes to theaters.

Watch List Weekly Recap 3/3/23

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It’s a little late for Re-Cap readers, but on Monday I posted a head’s-up about four films leaving their respective streaming platforms at the end of February. But they’re all still available for the price of a rental on other services, so feel free to check them out. (Above is a climactic scene from 2014’s startling Hungarian drama “White God.”)

Forward March
I’ll make it quick because time’s short: Here are four solid films leaving their respective streaming platforms at midnight on Tuesday. You’ll still be able to rent them on Amazon and other platforms, but why not grab one (or more) while they’re “free”?

It’s Watchcast time again: For the second of my biweekly chats with eminent film critics on the Classics of the New Millennium, Jason Bailey (of The Playlist, the New York Times, and elsewhere) and I go long on Steven Soderbergh’s beautifully crafted and ridiculously enjoyable “Ocean’s 11” (2001). It’s a fun conversation about a fun movie.

Classics of the New Millennium: "Ocean's 11" with Jason Bailey
Listen now (46 min) | In January, when I was bunking with The Playlist’s Jason Bailey and another film critic at the Sundance Film Festival, I mentioned I was putting together a podcast series on the great movies of the 21st century — a topic sure to generate bitter and illuminating debate — and I asked what films they might choose were they to join me as guests. Without bli…

For New Release Friday, I celebrate two ⭐⭐⭐⭐ movies about two unusual heroines: Davy Chou’s “Return to Seoul” and Colm Bairéad’s Oscar-nominated “The Quiet Girl.” Plus: reviews of the Oscar-nominated documentary “A House Made of Splinters” (⭐⭐⭐) and Sundance prize-winner “Palm Trees and Power Lines” (⭐⭐⭐), both available on demand.

What to Watch: Seoul Sisters
I was looking forward to the press screening of “Creed III” this week because I’m fascinated by the way Ryan Coogler and company have stripped the “Rocky” franchise down to its studs over the previous two movies and built it back up as a powerhouse Black sports saga. (Also, Jonathan Majors is in this one, and he is a talent to watch.) Unfortunately, the…

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