Watch List Weekly Recap 3/18/22

A great actor passes away, a great movie turns 50, and three intriguing new releases arrive in theaters and on TV.

Watch List Weekly Recap 3/18/22

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For Monday’s post, I marshaled some thoughts on one of the more quicksilver actors of our time, William Hurt, who died over the weekend and whose run of glory in the 1980s never quite resolved the mystery of his presence.

William Hurt 1950-2022
William Hurt always seemed slightly stunned by movie stardom. It annoyed him – you could see it in the narrowing of his eyes. Stardom was for people who knew what they wanted, and in his onscreen performances and offscreen interviews, Hurt was for better and for worse a seeker. The quest was the goal, and wherever it …

“The Godfather” premiered in theaters March 14, 1972, prompting Wednesday’s 50th anniversary appreciation for a movie that just about everyone agrees is among the best ever made. What’s your favorite scene? The comments are open.

Heavenly "'Father"

The focus is on three films for New Release Friday: “Turning Red” (above) and “Master” in theaters and on VOD, and “The Outfit,” starring the great Mark Rylance, in theaters only.

New Release Friday: "Turning Red," "The Outfit," & "Master"
The Nut Graf: Pixar gets its groove back with “Turning Red” (on Disney+, ***1/2 out of ****). “The Outfit” (in theaters, *** stars out of ****) is a field day for the great Mark Rylance. “Master” (in theaters and on Amazon Prime, ** stars out of ****) is a post-“Get Out” thriller where the message is stronger than the method.

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