Watch List Weekly Recap 2/4/22

Life post-Spotify and a sweeping saga of diaspora and new lands

Watch List Weekly Recap 2/4/22

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I spent last weekend exploring the alternatives to Spotify and came up with one that, for me, is a winner. YMMV, but at least Neil Young started some long-overdue conversations about Joe Rogan, streaming music monopolies, and artists’ royalties.

Is There Life After Spotify?
(A quick one before I take my computer into the shop and go offline for a few days.) The news that Neil and Joni are taking their music off Spotify isn’t what’s making me prepare to leave the streaming service after nine reasonably satisfied years. It’s just giving me an extra push. Along with

Midweek I was bereft of computer and so was forced back into a mid-20th Century mode of living and communicating. It was nice. No posts, though.

For your weekend viewing pleasure, I directed your attention this morning to “Flee,” a Sundance ‘21 winner and almost certain Oscar nominee (in both animation and feature documentary categories) that is at last available in theaters and for streaming rental. It’s a powerful refugee’s tale that’s one of the past year’s very best films.

Of "Flee" I Sing
The Nut Graf: “Flee,” in theaters and available for VOD rental, is an emotionally overwhelming refugee’s tale told via animation that renders it both universal and unique. (**** stars out of ****)

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