Watch List Weekly Recap 2/25/22

The movie theater that saved your life, and Peter Dinklage: Matinee idol

Watch List Weekly Recap 2/25/22

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Earlier this week, I reminisced about the revival houses and neighborhood Bijous that turned me into a movie lover in my early years — weird Saturday matinees at the Coolidge! screwball comedies at the Kenmore Square! — and I invited Watch List readers to share memories of their own beloved picture palaces and the films they saw there. It was quite the conversation, and it’s not too late to join in.

The First Picture Show
Is there a movie theater you hold close to your heart? Maybe the one in which you sat gobsmacked as a kid or a young adult as “Titanic” or “Star Wars” or “Lawrence of Arabia” unfurled across a giant screen? Or maybe it’s your town’s version of The Little Art House That Could (survive in an age of multiplexes and streaming TV)? I a…

A bit of a slow week for new releases in theaters or on VOD, but there’s a swoony new “Cyrano” adaptation on the big screen, it looks lovely, and Peter Dinklage is terrific in the lead. But, yes, it’s a musical now, with songs from The National, and they slow the thing to a crawl. Your mileage may vary.

"Cyrano": No Nose is Good Nose
The Nut Graf: Peter Dinklage confirms his leading man status as the master of Parisian panache in Joe Wright’s hyper-romantic “Cyrano” (in theaters, **1/2 stars out of ****), but the music and lyrics are an exercise in derring-don’t.

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