Watch List Weekly Recap 1/7/22

Sea-eagles and schlock nostalgia and Peter Bogdanovich and Ben Affleck, character actor -- a busy week, and that's not even counting Sidney Poitier

Watch List Weekly Recap 1/7/22

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Tuesday i returned from a week off with tales of chasing the rare Steller’s Sea-Eagle up and down the Eastern seaboard. No, it’s not about movies, but you sign up for this newsletter, you’re going to get birds every once in a while.

Where Sea-Eagles Dare
This newsletter is mostly about movies, sometimes TV shows and music. Every so often it’s about birds. Today it’s about birds.

Thursday was a back-flip into a movie of my (and maybe your) early adolescence, 1969’s “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” — good fun if not great art.

Nostalgia Tour
Sometimes it’s comforting to revisit not the great films of one’s youth but the junk. Not actual bad movies but the disposable commercial flotsam, the product that has no thought of art or even a long shelf life. Movies like “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.”

Some thoughts on the passing of Peter Bogdanovich, a director who had it all and lost it all and then got a little of it back.

Peter Bogdanovich 1939-2022
For many years, the narrative about Peter Bogdanovich was that he was a wunderkind who lost the knack. After the low-budget meta-monster movie “Targets” (1968), featuring Boris Karloff as a version of himself, Bogdanovich broke through in 1971, at 32, with “

Finally, a review of “The Tender Bar” (Amazon Prime) and a meditation on the merits of a movie star who’s maybe best when he’s not the star of the movie.

Belle Affleck
The following post was ready to go when the news came in this morning that Sidney Poitier has died. I’ve written a lot this week, maybe too much, but as one of the most important stars in the history of the movies — creatively and culturally — Poitier merits appreciation and then some. More to come.

I’m working on a Sidney Poitier appreciation — as befits one of the most important actors in the history of the medium — and will get it out when I can. Fingers are a little typed out right now.

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