Watch List Weekly Recap 1/6/23

The year ahead in film -- 32 movies we're looking forward to -- and the week ahead, too.

Watch List Weekly Recap 1/6/23

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What we’re looking forward to this year: Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film, a Robert Oppenheimer biopic (above), and a thriller about a cocaine-addled bear (you’ll never guess what it’s called: “Cocaine Bear”). All that and more in the 2023 Watch List movie preview.

32 Movies (and 5 Indictments) I'd Like to See in 2023.
In many respects, the upcoming movie year looks like a continuation of Hollywood’s blockbuster business as usual. There will be a new “Hunger Games,” a remake of “The Exorcist,” a Willy Wonka origin story (“Wonka”) starring Timothée Chalamet. There will be superhero extravaganzas from Marvel/Disney and DC/Warner Brothers, the two corporate behemoths locked in a battle to keep us locked in eternal adolescence. There will be sequels – oh, boy, will there be sequels. You can tick them off on both hands: “Dune Part 2, “Creed III,” “John Wick Chapter 4,” “Scream 6,” “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning” (a.k.a. “M:I 7”), “Fast X” (a.k.a. “The Fast and Furious 10”). I’m afraid some producer out there is planning to buy the rights to “Catch-22” assuming it’s a franchise.

The weekly roundup of movies in theaters and on demand, to attend to or to avoid. Your best bets: Kore-eda’s “Broker,” the eerie “Nanny” on Amazon Prime, and an Edgar Allan Poe murder mystery on Netflix. Proceed with caution: The crowd-pleasing but mawkish “A Man Called Otto,” with Mr. Thomas Hanks (above).

What To Watch: Whistling in the Dark Edition
There are some decent movies arriving in theaters and on demand this week, but the most transfixing entertainment – the most simultaneously hilarious and depressing – has been the Schadenfreude Sh*tshow Follies currently unfolding in the US House of Representatives, where Kevin McCarthy is being consumed, inch by peristaltic inch, by the boa constrictor…

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