Watch List Weekly Recap 1/27/23

Sundance reports and musings on the latest Oscar nominations.

Watch List Weekly Recap 1/27/23

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A heavy workload this week: I’m just back from a six-day stint at the Sundance Film Festival — the first in-person version of the fest in three years — where I spent the week watching movies, talking about movies, writing about movies, and posting about movies. Here are the three field reports I sent out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

Anne Hathaway (l.) and Thomasin McKenzie (r.) in ”Eileen
Sundance 2023 Report I
The first in-person Sundance Film Festival in three years is unfolding as a congenial if slightly askew affair. Moviegoers, publicists, and even the volunteers seem dazed as they wander about in the high-altitude sunshine of Park City before plunging into the dark of the screenings. The buses are running on a rusty, overcrowded schedule. Even the magpie…
Greta Lee (l.) and Teo Yoo (r.) in “Past Lives
Sundance 2023 Report, Part II
You know a movie is special when you’re sitting in a festival screening surrounded by hardened industry professionals who are all, men and women alike, quietly weeping in the dark. “Past Lives” (⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐), the first film from writer-director Celine Song, isn’t so much the big buzz film of
l. to r. Chiwetel Eijiofor, Rosalie Craig, and Emilia Clarke in “The Pod Generation
Sundance 2023 Report, Part III
I have this odd and rather silly failing of memory: Every time I come to a film festival like Sundance, I arrive looking forward to the narrative features, and every time I find myself surprised at how good the documentaries are – how gripping and/or entertaining and/or simply compelling as a record of human experience. And they’re almost always richer …

The nominations for the 95th Academy Awards were announced Tuesday morning, and I had a few thoughts to offer about the dominance of “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” among other surprises. And that’s all I’ll have to say on the matter until we get a little closer to the Oscars themselves.

Oscar Nominations 2023
If you had told me all the way back in March of last year that a crazy movie about parallel universes, martial arts, mother-daughter bonding, and laundry would dominate the nominations for the 2023 Academy Awards, I – well, I would have smiled in happy disbelief. Is there a chance

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