Watch List Weekly Recap 12/31/21 🍾🎉

Looking forward to 2022 and looking back at the best of 2021

Watch List Weekly Recap 12/31/21 🍾🎉

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Only one entry this week, so this recap is actually a repost, but it’s got three posts’ worth of words in it and I wanted to make sure the folks who signed up for the Weekly Digest got the year-end rundown.

Otherwise I’m off the grid in Maine until the new year, so you have my thanks for 2021, my best hopes and wishes for 2022, and my impression of Heather Cox Richardson on a slow news day. Stay safe and be well.

The Best Movies of 2021
How do you account for the fact that with everything going down right now – a global pandemic that taunts us with endless mutations, barbarians at the gates of the capital, America divided and in some quarters delusional, climate Armageddon at the door, an entertainment industry in corporate and technological upheaval, and audiences squirreled away at h…

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