Watch List Weekly Recap 12/15/23

This week: Boston critics' best of 2023, five new movies reviewed, and a shared post on this platform's darker voices.

Watch List Weekly Recap 12/15/23

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Awards 🏆

Boston Crix Name "Holdovers" Best of 2023

Ty Burr • Dec 12, 2023

And other thoughts on the uselessness of movie awards.

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Substackers Against Nazis

Ty Burr • Dec 14, 2023

Hi readers—Below is a letter to the Substack founders that I helped draft as part of a group of publishers seeking answers to questions about the platforming and monetizing of Nazis. We are all publishing the letter on our own individual Substacks today for visibility, and to make our readers aware of our asks and concerns. Thanks for reading.

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Good Movies 📽

What To Watch: Five for the Weekend

Ty Burr • Dec 15, 2023

A round-up of four new films in theaters and one on VOD. “The Zone of Interest” (⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐, in theaters) As a director, Jonathan Glazer has a short but brutally brilliant filmography: “Sexy Beast” (2000), “Birth” (2004), “Under The Skin” (2013), and now his unforgiving adaptation of the 2014 Martin Amis novel about a German family living just outside the w…

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