Watch List Weekly Recap 11/5/21

Watch List Weekly Recap 11/5/21

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The Tuesday Thread, for paying subscribers, was devoted to the idea of comfort-food culture: Those favorite movies and shows and albums you lay in for the long, cold winters. Props to the guy who mentioned “Local Hero.” (Pictured: Autumn risotto with butternut squash and roasted chestnuts)

The Tuesday Thread: What's Your Comfort Culture?

The Sleeper of the Week is “Nine Days,” a strange and exhilarating drama set in the metaphysical limbo before a human soul gets born. Like Pixar’s “Soul,” but with real people.

Sleeper of the Week: "Nine Days"
The Nut Graf: “Nine Days” (available for rent on Amazon and elsewhere) is a brooding, inventively realized allegory about souls waiting to be born. (*** stars out of ****)

Friday’s post featured an enjoyable pile-up: Quick and dirty reviews of three films arriving on demand and two in theaters. The post-apocalypse Tom Hanks movie is pretty out there but not as strange as the one about the man who painted cats.

It's a Five-Film Friday
The Nut Graf: “Finch” (Apple TV+): Nope. “The Harder They Fall” (Netflix): Maybe. “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain” (Amazon): Sure, why not? “Spencer” (in theaters): You bet. “The Souvenir: Part II” (in theaters): Yes, but in tandem with Part I.

Have a good weekend!

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