Watch List Weekly Recap 11/3/23

A beloved sitcom actor leaves us, Halloween arrives, and I subject Alexander Payne to a Q&A. Plus: reviews of five new movies in theaters and on demand.

Watch List Weekly Recap 11/3/23

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Remembrances ⭐️

Matthew Perry 1969-2023

Ty Burr • Oct 29, 2023

Some brief thoughts, penned immediately after learning of his death. The man had some of the greatest comic timing in television history, and he created a character so witty, snarky, likable that he was the one Friend you actually wanted as a friend.

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Good Movies 📽

Panic Rooms

Ty Burr • Oct 30, 2023

For Halloween, a quintet of horror movies centered around a single theme: No Way Out. Being trapped in a place that’s dark and spooky is burned right into the double helix of the genre, keyed to memories of being left alone at night as children, when we knew the Thing in the Closet was going to have us for dinner. (Paid subscribers)

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Director Q&A: No Payne, No Gain

Ty Burr • Nov 1, 2023

A conversation with "The Holdovers" director Alexander Payne. "Getting financing with Paul Giamatti in the lead, [you sometimes hear], 'Well, you know, he's not a movie star.' I'm sorry, he IS a movie star. He's not one of the muscle-bound goyim named Chris and Ryan. He's unique, like Lon Chaney or Charles Laughton or, or Paul Muni. Somebody who can just do anything." (Paid subscribers)

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Good Movies 📽

What to Watch: Free Radicals

Ty Burr • Nov 3, 2023

Reviews of new movies in theaters and on VOD: "Radical," "Rustin, "Fingernails," "Nyad" (above), and "Quiz Lady."

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