Watch List Weekly Recap 11/25/23

Just some theatrical and on demand picks to tide you over the weekend.

Watch List Weekly Recap 11/25/23

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I was trying to get a podcast up  yesterday, but holiday travel got in the way. Look for it on Monday. For Weekly Recap subscribers, here are some weekend recommendations, a day late but hopefully not a dollar short. Hope your Thanksgiving was all it deserves to have been.

Good Movies 📽

What to Watch: Turkey Murder Day Edition

Ty Burr • Nov 22, 2023

As we gather with our clans this week around the Thanksgiving feast – cousins and siblings, the random aunt, one or two holiday orphans – let us remember the cardinal rule of family dinners: Leave politics out of it. No one’s mind ever gets changed, no matter how many visual aids you bring to the party (like the giant map of Israel mounted on foamboard …

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