Watch List Weekly Recap 11/19/21

Watch List Weekly Recap 11/19/21

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Tuesday was Euro-TV day, as I emerged with my wife from binge-watching the Icelandic crime drama “Trapped” and pondered the ways in which recommendations for TV series are now passed among friends and family like trading cards. Basically, it’s a way for me to hit subscribers up for new shows to check out. What are you watching?

A scene from “Trapped”
The Tuesday Thread: Euro-vision Series Contest
Let’s pretend you and I and our spouses are at a dinner party. We’ve talked about the kids, we’ve talked about the state of the world, we’ve talked about where we go to get away on the weekends. There’s a pause. Someone says, “So… what are you watching?” And we’re off to the races, everyone writing down recommendations …

Thursday’s “little movie to check out” was “Karen Dalton: In My Own Time,” a new-to-streaming music documentary about a singular folk artist who fell between the cracks — or willed herself there.

Bob Dylan, Karen Dalton, and Fred Neil in 1961. Photo by Fred W. McDarrah.
Doc of the Week - "Karen Dalton: In My Own Time"
The Nut Graf: “Karen Dalton: In My Own Time” (available for VOD rental, *** stars out of ****) spotlights a gifted woman who willed herself away from being known.

The Friday new release spotlight fell on the crowd-pleasing “King Richard” (in theaters and on HBO Max), which gives Will Smith his best role in years as the father of Serena and Venus Williams, and the low-key charmer “C’mon C’mon” (in theaters), which features Joaquin Phoenix at his gentlest.

From left, Demi Singleton, Saniyya Sidney, and Will Smith in “King Richard”
It's All Relative
ap The Nut Graf: “King Richard” (in theaters and on HBO Max) restores Will Smith to his throne in a crowd-pleasing sports drama about Serena and Venus Williams’ dad. (***1/2 stars out of ****). “C’mon C’mon” (in theaters) gives Joaquin Phoenix a lovely change of pace as a man caring for his nephew during a family emergency. (*** stars out of ****)

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