Watch List Weekly Recap 11/12/21

Watch List Weekly Recap 11/12/21

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On Tuesday, I took a step back, opened the thread discussion to all, and asked how the Watch List was working for readers so far and how it might be improved. The responses were thoughtful, useful, and often very gratifying — I’m glad so many of you seem to be enjoying this little experiment of mine! If you’re coming to the discussion just now, it’s not too late to get your licks in.

The Tuesday Poll: This working for you?

On Wednesday I weighed in on Netflix’s “Passing,” a rich, complex drama of a friendship in 1920s Harlem that’s directed by actress Rebecca Hall and features a stunning performance by Tessa Thompson.

"Passing" Thoughts
The Nut Graf: Hall has the right stuff as a director, but the reason to catch this drama set in 1920s Harlem is for a very good performance by Ruth Negga and a great one by Tessa Thompson. (*** stars out of ****)

The Friday focus on new releases looked at Kenneth Branagh’s “Belfast” in theaters and the Pete Buttigieg documentary “Mayor Pete” on Amazon Prime Video. Plus a tip-off to one of the weirdest movies to ever come out of Hollywood.

When Irish Sighs Are Smiling
The Nut Graf: Kenneth Branagh’s “Belfast” (in theaters) is a sweet, familiar memory play of the director’s youth (**1/2 stars out of ****). “Mayor Pete” (on Amazon Prime Video) gives viewers a bustling backstage tour of the Buttigieg campaign (*** stars out of ****). For fans of deep-dish Hollywood derangement, “

Enjoy the weekend!

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