Watch List Digest 3/8/24

A forgotten indie, some non-fiction shorts (including one of the year's best movies, period), and the annual reading of the Oscar tea leaves.

Watch List Digest 3/8/24
And the winner (probably) is...

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Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief: The 2023 awards season is coming to a close at last. This week I recommended a neglected indie for paid subscribers, went deep on the Oscar documentary shorts, and ponied up my annual Academy Award predictions: Who will win, who should win, and who was robbed.

One Good Film: “Cold Weather” (2010)
Here’s another forgotten indie gem: A slacker detective story where the mystery is whether there’s a mystery.
Oscar Doc Shorts 2024: The Good, The Great, the Meh
A close look at the five nominated films in the Documentary Short category -- one of them a winner no matter who wins.
Oscar Predictions 2024: Gone Fission
Will “Oppenheimer” sweep? (Yes, probably.) Will “Poor Things,” “American Fiction,” or “The Holdovers” upset Oscar’s apple cart? (One can hope.)

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