The Watchcast: "Under the Skin" with David Fear

First in a new podcast series: "Classics of the New Millennium"

The Watchcast: "Under the Skin" with David Fear

To my readers: I’m finally making good on my promise to deliver more podcasts, and with this one I’m inaugurating a new series: “Classics of the New Millennium,” a series of chats about the great films of the 21st century (to date) featuring a rotating gallery of guest critics and filmmakers. I pick the guest, the guest picks the film, and we get into the nuts and bolts of how it was made and why it’s so good. The plan is to upload a new episode every two weeks — both in an audio version here and in a video version on the Watch List YouTube channel — and for the inaugural installment, I’ve invited my good friend David Fear, film critic and senior editor at Rolling Stone magazine, to talk about “Under The Skin” (2013), the eerily cryptic Jonathan Glazer movie in which Scarlett Johansson plays an alien trolling the streets of Glasgow for men to … well, that would be spoiling. A trailer is below, and if you’d like to watch the film before listening to the conversation, it can be streamed on HBO Max and Kanopy and rented at various VOD platforms.

Thanks for listening! Have any thoughts? Don’t hesitate to weigh in.

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