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Join me on Notes

To my readers:

Do we really need another social media platform? I’m not entirely sure, but faithful followers of the Watch List know my feelings about Twitter’s de-evolution under Der Muskmeister, and the launching of Notes, Substack’s entry into the space, has the benefit of annoying Elon while also being writer-driven and therefore hopefully less grammatically challenged than the competition. More seriously, based on Notes’ beta-test baby steps, the platform bids fair to be a smart, literate, and much less ranty version of what’s out there already. I hope to use it for quick posts, recommended reads, film clips, music links, photos of Bodhi (see below), half-baked ideas, requests for feedback, and other what-not.

Most of all, I hope to use it for good. I invite you to join me and other Substack writers and readers there. TB

How to join

Head to or find the “Notes” tab in the Substack app. As a subscriber to Ty Burr's Watch List, you’ll automatically see my notes. Feel free to like, reply, or share them around!

You can also share notes of your own. I hope this becomes a space where every reader of Ty Burr's Watch List can share thoughts, ideas, and interesting quotes from the things we're reading on Substack and beyond.

If you encounter any issues, you can always refer to the Notes FAQ for assistance. Looking forward to seeing you there!