Friday Recap 10/22/21

Friday Recap 10/22/21

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Monday I weighed in on the return of HBO’s “Succession,” the anti-”Ted Lasso”  where everyone’s reprehensible and niceness gets you killed.

The Sweet Smell of "Succession"
The Nut Graf: “Succession” returns for a third season of corporate chicanery and family throat-cutting — but have the times passed it by?

On Tuesday, paying subscribers got to argue their case for the best rock movie of all time. Lot of good discussion here and one clear winner.

Tuesday Thread: Pick the Best Rock Movie Ever

In time for the baseball post-season, a meditation on the existential pain that once came with being a Red Sox fan, pegged to a little-known gem on the subiect.

Sleeper of the Week: "Game 6"
The Nut Graf: With a script by Don DeLillo, and Michael Keaton in the lead, “Game 6” (2006, *** stars out of ****) knows the eternal existential angst of the Red Sox fan.

For the weekend, I had some nice things to say about “Dune” (to my surprise) and less than nice things to say about the new Wes Anderson movie (ditto).

New This Week: "Dune," "The French Dispatch"
The Nut Graf: “Dune,” in theaters and on HBO Max, is an old-school spectacle that demands to be experienced on a big screen. (***1/2 stars out of ****). “The French Dispatch,” in theaters, may be the worst thing Wes Anderson has ever done. (*1/2 star out of ****)

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